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Sour Diesel, sometimes called Sour D, is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain named after its pungent, diesel-like aroma. This fast-acting strain delivers energizing, dreamy cerebral effects that have pushed Sour Diesel to its legendary status. Stress, pain, and depression fade away in long-lasting relief that makes Sour Diesel a top choice among medical patients. This strain took root in the early 90’s, and it is believed to have descended from Chemdawg 91 and Super Skunk.


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13 reviews for Sour Diesel

  1. mary

    I have chronic daily headache, spasm & bulging disk in my neck from a car accident. This strain makes life worth living. It removes the head pressure/tightness & lifts my spirits

  2. dean

    Sour D is only my go to medicine it enables me to get me moving without pain it’s invigorating and very uplifting.

  3. charles

    It’s a great sativa for getting things done. If you like skunky, gassy weed then this is for you. Super strong. Would only toke this in the a.m. or when an all-nighter is called for. So-so for pain, but great for energy and beating down depression.

  4. mart

    I hadn’t smoked this strain prior to 5 months ago. When I took my first bong hit of this I couldn’t believe how blown out I was. There are only a few strains that get me that high and all of them are new to me. With THCa as high as 29% it’s no wonder I was cleaning my apartment for an hour after hitting Sour D. I smoked Colombian back in the day and this is a premium buzz like that. Even if you smoke all day every day Sour Diesel will still get you ripped. This strain has no ceiling.

  5. pierre

    Sour D is very good strain for smoking at day, especially morning, high is similar to Thai Stick strain. No anxiety or paranoia, very relieving stress level and makes you better mood. Increasing creativity. For sure I’ll smoke this for a long time. Taste a lot worse that thai stick but is no tragedy to smoke this, just have to accustom this taste. – Krzysztof Ibisz bardzo poleca 🙂

  6. zack

    Way too overpowering for me. I felt a little anxious, but that is more likely in my head than in the bud. This was not my best choice to calm my insides, as I couldn’t keep my feet still after smoking. Great musky smell, very intense high. 1/2 a joint and I was toasted. Be careful with this gal – She’ll kick your ass.

  7. revis

    The smell is atrociously strong – and noticeable, but it’s delicious, most closely compared to tangie, which smells almost so fruity that it veers towards sickly sweet and fermented. I’ve had different effects from this strain depending on where I’ve procured it- sometimes it’s a very very strong rush of a sativa and hits you like a truck, other times I’ve noticed it more mellow with a slightly lower THC content. Definitely a classic sativa. I prefer it when crossed with more subtle strains personally but it is a classic for a reason. It’s damn good.

  8. maelle

    As a sufferer of anxiety/panic attacks, it’s vital that I find and use strains which don’t leave me paranoid. GG #4 is great, but overdoing it can be unnerving. Now, Sour Diesel is my favorite strain (At least so far). I rolled a thin joint, took about 5 puffs, and 15 minutes later, the buzz came on. My body relaxed, my head felt light, and the fear or paranoia melted away. I tend to clench my jaw….this strain relieved it. My shoulders and neck tend to be tight….this strain relieved it. The bud is very pungent, but I kind of like the strong scent. The weed was a bit sticky, but it was east to grind. This strain will be my new “go to” when nerves or tension start messing with me. Since you’re not left sleepy, I would recommend meditation after use.

  9. gills

    Anything with CBD and CBN can calm a manic episode and relax the bipolar / PTSD person. Additionally anything to cure this awful fatigue from the Lyme is very helpful indeed, and it may help to prevent seizures. note: Also do not mix with alcohol if you have a seizure disorder. j/k do what you want, lol.

  10. gloire

    The vape of this is better, imo, than the flower. Vape was very strong high, no anxiety, no paranoia, spacey fun. Flower was underpowered compared to the vape; got the vape and flower from 2 different dispensaries – am wondering if that is the issue or that this strain is just stronger as a vape?….

  11. brayan

    Although this strain challenged my lungs from the first toke, within just four or five hits I enjoyed one of the best marijuana experiences I’ve had this year. I was pain free and quite happy – and for a good, long while. This was very tasty, too. Lots of lemonene. Yum. This isn’t a social strain, for me. It made me extremely introspective and although my mood was greatly improved by toking, in company I probably would be too lost in thought to be any fun to be around.

  12. tryer

    This became my strain to jump start my day. To me it feels invigorating and also it helps mild to moderate pain. It clears my head and depression is gone. The government sucks for not decriminalizing yet they have all our testimonies about this safe medicine. WTF

  13. lyne

    A special treat. Sour Diesel is a breath of fresh Truly, it’s a hard strain to find in our area. The buds are always hard and tight. A great smoke and a diesel smell you just love. SD is a nice daytime herb. A taste you’ll love and a high to match. Grab Sour Diesel any chance you get. It’s a wonderful strain. A cornerstone for quality herb.

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